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Hertfordshire Sports Village

de Havilland Campus



AL10 9EU


Ten Top Tips...


1.   Avoid injury by properly warming up before starting to play.


2.   Try to aim shots to the opponents weaker side (usually backhand), to give the advantage off a weak return.


3.   Try to place shots before adding more power, because more power will usually result in more errors.


4.   Try to keep the opponent on the move as much as possible and not play "me to you" badminton.


5.   Try moving the opponent from the net to the back and from the forehand to backhand side.


6.   Keep winning, keep playing the same way


7.   Keep losing change the style of play


8.   Try to change the speed of play, by mixing up shots. Hit some slower drop and net shots, with faster shots in   between, such as, smashes, and drives.


9.   Always play to personal strengths and try to exploit the opponents weaknesses.


10. Vary your serve, from short to flick with the occasional wide serve.


Click here for the Central Sports web site for all your Badminton kit.

Local Coaches ...

Social badminton ...

Steve Willis - [email protected] badmintoncoach.com - 07900247439


David Brown - [email protected] - 07880731688




Hertfordshire Sports Village.

Monday 2pm – 4pm

Tuesday 10am – 12 noon

Thursday 4pm – 6pm

Friday 3pm – 5pm


Birchwood Leisure Centre

Wednesday 8pm – 10pm


Gosling Sports Park

Friday 10am – 11.30am, Saturday 10am – 11am

Butterworth badminton Club is a friendly “feathers” badminton club with coaching and is ideal for improvers or people looking to move from social badminton to competitive league clubs.

Drop in sessions open to the public ...